A relay focused on team collaboration, this event consists of eight legs with obstacles and challenges. Participants must carry a briefcase as the baton through the various themed legs.

Starting between Alexandra House and Chater House, participants race down Chater Road and navigate giant food obstacles before changing legs at the end.
Participants collect a paper ball and navigate a giant maze along Chater Road. At the end of the leg, they must shoot the paper ball into a designated basket and change legs at Statue Square outside Prince’s Building.
At the game booth in Prince’s Building, participants must collect the piece of rope marked with their team number and untie all the knots before changing legs in Landmark Atrium.
Participants are required to draw and solve the mathematics problem in Landmark Atrium, then change legs in Alexandra House.
At the footbridge in Chater House, participants are required to wear a pedometer and run in place to reach 300 steps as fast as they can, then run to the Open Plaza at Exchange Square to change legs.
Participants collect a towel at The Rotunda at Exchange Square, sit on the towel and slide down a ramp from the starting line to the finish line. Then they must head to the front of Jardine House to change legs.
Participants are required to pick up a newspaper and a coffee mug outside Jardine house, cross the narrow bridge network, cross the pedestrian footbridge leading to Chater House, run down Ice House Street, and head to the front of the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong on Chater Road to change legs.
Participants must navigate giant food obstacles on Chater Road while “driving” a cheese car marked with their team number before crossing the finish line between Alexandra House and Chater House.
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